Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eulogy speech

That topic came up in one of my conversation with husband, and in one of training i attended recently. Basically, the question was, "What do you think people say about you in your funeral, and what do you want to hear?" Most probably it will create two different answer, since reality sucks.
Anyway, i can instantly think of an answer for second question: "people thankful i was exist", but scratched my head for first question. I am such bad person in maintaining a relationship. I think one of the reasons why i almost have no fight with my husband cause not everyday we are seeing each other :) I have few good friends, when they are physically around, but after that, disappear. It takes two to tango, either i'm (acting) too busy, or the other parties. So my safest answer is, "depend on who will say it". Anyway, quoting my friend, it does not matter what will they say, i was not there anyway....

Ps: so random post. Something are just stuck in my head almost exploding don't know what

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tak perlu keliling dunia .... part 2

"Dengarkanlah kata hatiku
  Bahwa ku ingin untuk tetap di sini
  Tak perlulah aku keliling dunia
  Biarkan ku di sini
  Tak perlulah aku keliling dunia
  Karna ku tak mau jauh darimu
  Dunia boleh tertawa
  Melihatku bahagia
  Walau di tempat yang kau anggap tak biasa
  Biarkanlah aku bernyanyi
  Berlari, berputar, menari di sini
  Tak perlulah aku keliling dunia
  Karna kau di sini
  Tak perlulah aku keliling dunia
  Kaulah segalanya bagiku di dunia..."

and again, this song became my life soundtrack
cause i am coming home, to my love, family, and friend

and i hope in my next journey, you will be with me..

Saturday, September 20, 2014


A colleague asked why i used ratugalak as my social media ID. He asked if i am "galak"
I said, "I wish i am. I think my life would have been easier if i am galak"
What do you think?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Random mumble

When a father married off his daughter
He handover his responsibility towards the husband to be
He trust the guy can do it better than him
Or at least as good as his care

For all the husband in the world
Would you ask yourself this question
Did i ever fail my father in law faith?

And of course the same thing goes for the wives to mother in law

The annoyed "Kapan..."

There is only one thing that holding back my excitement of going home soon.
That i have to face those Kapan ini Kapan itu question again.
Arrrggghhh, just leave my life alone, won't you?!?!?!